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Adding a Hiro

1) Download Android or iOS App.

2) Remove Hiro From the Package.

3) Press the Button (the letter "o" on Hiro) once until you hear an audible beep.

4) Launch the Hiro App

5) Press the "+" Button

6) Select the Hiro when it shows up on the list.

7) Once added you can add the name and picture for your hiro

If you wish to remove the device from your phone.

1) Turn Bluetooth Off

2) Launch the hiro app

3) Go under settings and delete the Hiro

4) Hold the button on the Hiro for 5 seconds to delete the pairing info stored on the Hiro

5) Hiro will automatically go into a low power sleep mode after three minutes but you will still be able to find it with your phone.